About Us

We are Dekka Financial

Born from the combination of a natural progression of our thriving business and the captured opportunity to do more and better for the small business community, Dekka Financial has launched its single-focus services to offer the right financing options to small businesses nationwide through a network of lender and strategic partners.

How we started

We first started out as a digital marketing agency generating leads and growing sales for financial service brokers. Then, it became obvious to our lenders as well as the brokers that a new level of service offering was in due order.

Today, Dekka Financial has launched its services with the crazy idea that one day any non-restricted qualified small business looking for funding will always be served, if not with the proper capital, at least with some funding in order to manage their cash flow, hire more employees, upgrade their space, or purchase inventory.

Dekka Financial Empowers Small Businesses!


Dekka Financial is able to help startups, pre-startups, freelancers, and small businesses because of its partnership with one of the leading direct lenders in the nation. Consider their performance records on top of ours:


Million in funding


% approval rate


K $$ per applicant


hrs same-day approval



Yes. We are excited to service all the qualifying startups, pre-startups, and freelancers that need funding to continue to thrive in their newly launched businesses. The service is called Strategic Credit Lines.

We only provide funding to established businesses. While time in business is not a factor for Strategic Credit Lines, we require that you ARE in business. Good news is that Dekka Financial can also help you establish your business in the process of getting your loan.