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Looking for a small business loan?

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Business Funding Eligibility
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Okay. I see that you have been in business for [field17] month(s), making $[field11] as a business income. Your personal income is $[field12] and your credit score is [field10]. And you need $[field1] for [field19].

Now, let's have your contact info and send it over to the team for proper consideration.

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about us
Dekka Financial has launched its services with the crazy idea that one day any non-restricted qualified small business looking for funding will always be served if not with the proper capital they needed, at least with some funding in order to:
  • manage their cash flow
  • hire more employees
  • upgrade their space
  • or purchase inventory

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Single-Focus on You!

From its inception, Dekka Financial goals have always been to be a great service to small businesses. All of our processes and services are developed with that in mind. Your need is our business. Your vision is our inspiration. Your tenacity is our pride.


Speed of Service

Aside from our partnership with great lenders, we utilize our technical know-how, marketing wit, and business intelligence in order to ensure that our workflow is seamless and sustainable. In other words, we cut through the red tapes and give you the stellar service you so deserve.


Dedicated Team

We have a combination of both human and artificial intelligence working behind every single deal we broker. From the generator of leads, to the data chaser of onboarding clients, to the human closer, Dekka Financial has developed a 24/7 ops so that you are always serviced. In other words, we are ready whenever you are!

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