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House Sale

I need to sell my house fast!

Fast Money

I need the money


I need to move out of state


I am looking to liquidate my portfolio

House Repair

The house needs a ton of repairs

Out of State

I am out of state

Too Old For This

I'm getting too old for this

How Much?

Well, how much can you offer me?


This property was given to me


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No-Obligation Cash Offer

Hello. My name is Pat Sloan. Our company buys properties nationwide for CASH. Are you considering selling or receiving a no-obligation cash offer for your property?

Your Decision

I understand.

We buy houses for CASH and we are currently looking to buy 3 to 5 more within the next 30 to 60 days. I thought you wanted to find out more about it. So, if you are remotely considering the idea of selling... we'd like to have the opportunity to present you with a free, no-risk, no-obligation CASH offer.

Do you think you may have an interest in the near future?

Will you consider?

Well, thank you for your time. If your position changes, feel free to let us know at 949-535-3561 or visit our website at

Change of heart?

That's Great!

Again, Pat Sloan here. I'm collecting information regarding the property you'd like to sell so that our Purchase Manager can make a fair and reasonable offer within 48 hours.

Is that okay?


Can I please have your contact info?

Okay, Great!

Again, Pat Sloan here with Dekka Financial. Happy to reconnect when you're ready. Please leave us your contact info.

Txt Msg*

(*) Mobile data and/or messaging rate may apply.

No-Obligation Cash Offer

Okay, thanks for that, [FIELD21]!

Now, [field21], let's talk about the property you're hoping to sell.

Is it listedon the market?

Oh Yikes, [field21]!

We currently do not buy houses that are listed with agents. The numbers in the offer won't make sense.

HOWEVER, if the property becomes unlisted, contact us so we can present you with a CASH offer within 48 hrs without any obligations on your part.

We can be reached at 949-535-3561 or visit our website at


So, [field21], let's talk about numbers...

Thank you, [field21]...

We hope to do business with you someday. 

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No-Obligation Cash Offer

Alright! We're almost done, [field21]...

Let's talk about the offer you're hoping to receive. 

How much do you expect to receive?

By the way, [field21], while you're at it...

Is this the amount you want to walk away with? 

Keep in mind, we're going to:

# buy your house AS-IS

# pay for ALL the repairs  (est. at $[field35])

#pay for ALL the closing costs

# and do it quickly


Okay, Got it!

Let's set up a meeting with our Purchase Manager. They'll review your information, do some research on the property, then come back with a fair and reasonable offer for your consideration.

Select a time between tomorrow and the next 2 days.

Time (PT)

One last thing, [field21]...

When our Purchase Manager calls you, if you can agree on the terms... and you can agree on a price that works for you and us... will you be ready to get the paperwork done and sell us your property?

Will you?
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WHY Dekka Financial?

What make us different from others


From its inception, Dekka Financial goals have always been to be a great service to those in need. All of our processes and services are developed with that in mind. Your need is our business. Your vision is our inspiration. Your tenacity is our pride.


Aside from our partnership with great cash buyers and investors, we utilize our technical know-how, marketing wit, and business intelligence in order to ensure that our workflow is seamless and sustainable. In other words, we cut through the red tapes and give you the stellar service you so deserve.


Dekka Financial works with a host of capable agents and associates, all of whom carry their agenda by using teamwork, hardwork, and smartwork.